Explanatory videos for your customers

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to provide you with explanatory videos dry-cap uv 3.1®, u-sonic 3 and vac-clean uv 2® to be able to present.

Product videos that manufacturers shoot are usually accompanied by a lot of “advertising and self-praise.” Of course, we don't need to explain anything to you, because you are very familiar with your daily practice with many customers.

Let's just imagine that it can also be pointless if hearing aid care has to be explained several times a day. That is why we have taken a different path and would rather have a hearing care professional speak. With practical background knowledge, this is simply more authentic.

If you like it, you will definitely find applications and uses for this in your hearing care store.

We would be happy to provide you with the videos. Even if you are thinking about a personal logo, feel free to contact us.

“Well explained” and good luck with the new explanatory videos.

Your flow-med team

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