vac-clean uv 2®

Mini vacuum cleaner for hearing aids and hearables

Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® front view
Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® side view
Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® back view
Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® attachment heads
Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® packaging



The new vac-clean uv 2® rechargeable mini vacuum cleaner is suitable for all hearing systems (BTE, ITE, RIC, Cochlear), all charging stations, all OTC hearables, all True Wireless Stereo (TWS), a variety of electronic products such as cell phones, remote controls and much more. These products suffer from adhering dirt and moisture. Failures are the result. Continuous cleaning and care can help.


Well dried, the vac-clean uv 2® with a strong vacuum suction capacity of over 60 kPa is used. For this purpose, the attachment heads optimized for the type of cleaning is attached to the base head. When started, the vacuum suction force with sonic vibrations ensures a powerful cleaning effect. The attachment heads can easily be guided around openings, crevices, bushings or gently circling over the surface. The base attachment collects all dirt without reducing suction power. The suction level can be varied in 3 modes at the touch of a button. The blue LED light (450nm) illuminates the area to be cleaned and also has an antimicrobial hygiene function. The base attachment and attachment heads can be easily changed and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath (e.g. u-sonic 3).

The new vac-clean uv 2® is a medical device and meets the high requirements for medical devices (class I) of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

Item No. (REF):
Dimensions (L x W x H):
130 mm x 47 mm x 33 mm
140 g

You can download more information about product vac-clean uv 2® here.

Effective suction by vacuum pump
Sonic brush for perfect cleansing
UV light with antimicrobial effect
Easy handling by just one button
Rechargeable by LiPo battery
Mobility by USB-C standard
3 performance levels for flexible use
All features controlled by microprocessor
Highest product quality with 2-year warranty
Energy-saving, gentle and absolutely safe
Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® front view


The modern and ergonomic design of the new vac-clean uv2® offers optimal handling. A high-suction vacuum motor, the basic attachment with UV lighting and strainer, as well as several attachment heads for various applications are some highlights. Simple operation via sensor button, automatic shutdown and wireless mobile usability round off the appealing design.

Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® attachment heads


The attachment heads are completely tailored to the intended use. Here are the most important applications for hearing system care: 1. Brush attachment: for microphone, receiver openings and buttons 2. Tube attachment: for the smallest holes, openings, receiver output, microphone input, vents, sockets and much more 3. Oval and RIC attachment: for RIC hearing systems, ITE devices, domes, otoplasty, hearing protection, in-ear monitors, holes, columns

Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® USB Type-C® connection


The new vac-clean uv2® is a medical device and has an integrated LiPo battery with 1,100 mAh. When charged, the device cleans perfectly for several weeks. If the battery has to be recharged, the LED above the USB-C socket glows red. When charging, it flashes green and when fully charged, it glows green permanently.

Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® packaging


The new vac-clean uv 2® has an integrated LiPo battery. This enables mobile use without a cable or power outlet. Sturdy construction, high-tech electronics and test certificates guarantee quality and safety. Eco-design through low energy consumption, long-term usability, recyclability and a high-quality travel bag as packaging are further highlights.

Mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv 2® Replacement-Set 2


After prolonged and intensive use, the small attachments are heavily strained, change the look or even get lost. A high life expectancy is important to us. This saves resources, the environment and saves money. That is why, in addition to the basic equipment of the vac-clean uv 2®, we have also added a Replacement-Set 2, which is available separately. This set includes the following spare parts: bag with 1 basic attachment, 2 seals, 2 Brush, 2 Tube, 2 Ear, 1 RIC, 1 Tube-S, 1 Oval, 1 Skin