Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


At flow-med, we develop and manufacture electronic medical devices for the hearing and healthcare market. It is in our DNA to invest a tremendous amount of care in design, development, material sourcing, production, assembly, quality control, shipping, distribution and after-sales processes.
Our products are used by end users and have proven added value. They are tested by us, leading hearing aid manufacturers and audiologists who find that our products perfectly remove moisture and cerumen from hearing aids. The result is fewer hearing aid failures and fewer repair cases/costs.
Even though our products today have to be made of plastic material for hygiene and price reasons, we produce them with the highest possible quality. With an average defect rate of less than 0.01%, we are far below other electronic products in the industry. This reduces waste and protects the environment.


  • Product design can be done to produce cheap or with high quality in mind
  • We focus on product design that result in products that can be used over years
  • Minimalistic design and easy of use products don’t not fall under trends, don’t need to be replaced often and last longer
  • Our electronic products run on rechargeable batteries that can be replaced easily, no need for power supplies anymore
  • Standard USB Type-C® cables are widely available and can be shared with other electronic devices like smart phones

Our Responsibility


We carefully select our suppliers. Even though we do not have full control over all suppliers, we force them to act in the interest of our environment. Today, plastic material must be used for hygiene products. We ask our private label customers to agree to muted colors such as gray, brown or black so that we can use recycled plastic material.


We have almost completely removed plastic material from all packaging. They consist of recycled cardboard material (unprinted) and a printed case made of cardboard material. We know that packaging is disposed of normally. Ours can be easily recycled without separation.


Due to the relatively low margins on our products, our production has to be in China today. However, long-term partnerships based on trust and respect are leading to extreme high quality and flexibility while keeping the production costs on an acceptable level. Instant online communication help to improve social business relationships with the production site, quality control and shipment department.


While flow-med is 100% paper-free company since 2010 we force our suppliers to reduce waste as much as possible. This includes all kind of material in any production process.

DSV is our global partner for freight services

All ocean freight is done via DSV, a global leader in freight industry. They also moving forward into a more sustainable future, see DSV homepage here...

No more airfreight

Since 2021 we have reduced the amount of airfreight to zero.

JAS is our global partner for warehousing

Our bonded warehouse in The Netherlands offer global distribution using EDI connection and globally negotiated shipping conditions. JAS is also moving forward into a more sustainable future, see JAS homepage here...

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