Update dry-care uv - dry box for hearing aids

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to present new features to the extremely successful dry-care uv hearing aid dryer.

Our motto is to make good things even better. And so we've upgraded the dry-care uv hearing aid dryer with a USB Type-C™ connection.

Technically, communication with the power supplies via a data line optimizes the 5V charging capacity and increases safety. In addition, the plug can be used direction-independently, which increases user-friendliness.

The EU regulation on the uniform USB Type-C™ charging socket is mandatory from 2024.

With this changeover, flow-med is already one of the pioneers in avoiding cable and power supply electrical waste.

The new dry-care uv 1.1 will be available from the end of June 2024.

Your flow-med team

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