u-sonic 3

Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner

Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner perspective
Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 front view
Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 opened
Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 sensor button
Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 packaging


For otoplastics and hearing protection, germ-free, thorough cleaning is important for daily use, personal hygiene and value maintenance. The new u-sonic 3 is a valuable assistant and offers optimal cleaning. Powerful ultrasound with 42 kHz ensures hygienic cleanliness even with clear water. For intensive cleaning, it is recommended to add a small amount of cleaning concentrate. The new u-sonic 3 is particularly suitable for use in hearing acoustics and dental technology for professionals and customers. It can also be used in the home for small items, such as jewelry, coins, razors, toddler teats, teats and much more.


With 360° all-round cleaning, the products to be cleaned are perfectly maintained, the service life is increased and the risk of failure and repair costs are significantly reduced. With the sensor button, you can select the short program 4 minutes or the intensive program 8 minutes — everything else is fully automatic, processor-controlled. The lithium battery allows mobile operation. The new u-sonic 3 offers great benefits. Effective and gentle cleaning and care is the best guarantee for maintaining the value and long-term usability of the products. The new u-sonic 3 is a medical device and meets the high requirements for medical devices (Class I) of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

Item No. (REF):
Dimensions (L x W x H):
100 x 100 x 78 mm
450 g

You can download more information about product u-sonic 3 here.

Perfect cleansing by 360° ultrasound
42 kHz frequency at 20 watts
Easy handling by just one button
125ml stainless steel tub 67x67x39 mm
Rechargeable by LiPo battery
Mobility by USB-C standard
Eco-friendly packaging
All features controlled by microprocessor
Highest product quality with 2-year warranty
Energy-saving, gentle and absolutely safe
Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 sensor button


Touch the sensor button once and the short 4 minute program is activated, touch twice and the intensive program 8 minutes and the u-sonic 3 starts ultrasonic cleaning. This innovative technology is simple, automatic, waterproof and offers greater comfort.

Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 stainless steel container


With internal dimensions of 67 x 67 x 39 mm, the high-quality stainless steel container offers ideal space for thorough deep cleaning. A cleaning basket ensures gentle, scratch-free storage of the items to be cleaned. For optimal cleaning and hygiene of otoplastics, hearing protection, earplugs. But also for dental prosthesis cleaning and for jewelry and small parts.

ultrasonic cavitation


The u-sonic 3 achieves effective deep cleaning thanks to a powerful piezo generator with ultrasonic vibrations of 42,000 Hertz in the stainless steel tub. The result is 360° all-round cleaning using thousands of active oxygen bubbles. Sonic ultrasonic cleaning creates tiny steam bubbles with enormous pressure fluctuations as a result of cavitation, which remove even stubbornly adhering ones.

u-sonic 3 rear view rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner with USB Type-C® connection


Once the u-sonic 3 universal is charged with a USB Type-C® cable, the ultrasonic cleaner works on the go for about 30 minutes. The built-in 5,000 mAh lithium battery has power for approx. 7 short cleanings or 3 intensive cleanings. Thanks to innovative battery technology, you are mobile and power supply independent.

Rechargeable mini ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 3 packaging


The new packaging of the u-sonic 3 in a minimalistic design is not only beautiful to look at and a real highlight on the shelf and in shop windows, but is also made of cardboard that is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.