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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the new products for your wellbeing.

In addition to MEDICAL DEVICES and CLEAN&CARE, WELLBEING products are a new business area and an addition to the flow-med sales portfolio.

Elderly hearing care customers in particular often complain about their health problems, restlessness, nervousness or poor sleep. WELLBEING products meet these customer requirements and create a pleasant living environment and a healthy sleeping environment.

The LumoScent aroma humidifier with warm sleeping light promotes the body's own melatonin output and healthy sleep. The ideal addition to this is OilScent aroma oils, which, depending on personal preferences, contribute to home perfuming or healthy sleep hygiene. It also promotes sleep SleepSense set with soft silk sleep mask for eye darkening and soft sleep earplugs for peace.

The trio of products promotes sleep, improves your wellbeing and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Get advice from your hearing care professional.

LumoScent, OilScent and SleepSense sets will be available from mid-April 2024.

Your flow-med team

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