Medical device

All flow-med dry and hygiene products meet the high requirements for medical devices (Class I) of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

From 26 May 2021, only hearing aid accessory products with this certificate may be imported into the EU. In addition to the CE mark, the MD symbol and other marks must be visibly displayed.

This gives our dealers, customers and end users the guarantee of receiving high-quality medical products with proven efficacy and maximum safety. At the same time, the “grey market” is cleared of products with dubious efficacy and often lacking safety.


We are specialized in drying and care of hearing aids. Therefore you can expect absolute top products and also benefit from our power of innovatiion. We develop the high-tech products of tomorrow in a goal-oriented manner. Together with a network of partners we have the competence from design, development, line production to the delivery of your private label product. Your sales success with our products is therefore also a part of our success. We look forward to a successful partnership.


Our high-tech products as private label offer advantages in competition and price.


For your marketing you get a secured download access with open design templates


We have the claim to reach the customer emotionally with sleek design.


The line production under German management allows flexible flow rates and highest quality.


Years of experience and the latest 3D-CAD technology ensure faster development times.


Worldwide distribution, transport by air or sea freight to our bonded warehouses in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.



dry-cap uv 1.1® – Dry box for rechargeable hearing aids
USB Power Set – Dual USB power adapter and USB-C cable in saleable package.
Portfolio dry-cap uv 3® iF
dry-cap uv 3.1® – Rechargeable dry box for all hearing aids
Portfolio dry-sun uv 2.1
dry-sun uv 2.1 – Hearing aid dry box
Portfolio vacuum cleaner
vac-clean uv® – Mini vacuum-cleaner
Portfolio u-sonic 2
u-sonic 2 – Ultrasonic cleaner for use at home
Portfolio dry-care uv - Black edition
dry-care uv – Black edition – Dry box for hearing aids
Portfolio dry-turbo cd 2®
dry-turbo cd 2® – Mini hearing aid dryer
Portfolio dry-cap uv 2®
dry-cap uv 2.1® – Dry box for all rechargeable hearing aids
Portfolio DRY-SPACE UV
DRY-SPACE UV – Dry box for cochlear implant (CI) systems


Climate change is undeniable and the earth’s resources will eventually be exhausted. Our products must be safe for people to use, both in manufacture and in use. We rise to the challenge and ask ourselves what we can do better in each of our products and processes. Our products already meet the following criteria:

Environmental protection
Energy balance optimized
No chemical additives like dry bricks or salt tablets
Hygiene preventive
100% recyclable