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Your specialist for design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of electronic medical devices.

The award-winning dry-cap uv 3.1® dries and cares for all hearing aids overnight without cables thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery.

The new mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv® reliably extracts adhering dirt and cerumen with various attachment nozzles.

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Icon Medical Devices

Medical Devices

The medical products in combination with elegant design offer added value and the simplest handling with the highest quality.

Wellbeing icon


Our wellbeing products promote sleep and are the perfect way to a happy and healthy life.

Icon Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care

This product range includes ultrasonic- and mini-vacuum cleaners that make cleanliness and maintenance a breeze.

Environmental responsibility

Climate change is undeniable and the earth's resources will eventually be exhausted. Our products must be safe for people to use, both in their manufacture and in their use. We are rising to the challenge and asking ourselves what we can do better in each of our products and processes. Today, our products already meet the following criteria:

Energy balance optimized
Non toxic
50% recycled plastic
Packaging 100% recyclable
No chemical additives

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