Rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light

Rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light LumoScent perspective
LumoScent Rechargeable Aroma Humidifier and Sleep Light Front View
LumoScent rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light on a bedside table
LumoScent rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light packaging slanted front
LumoScent rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light packaging slanted back

LumoScent is a processor-controlled aroma humidifier for a healthy indoor climate combined with a special light for healthy sleep. The attractive design combined with WELLBEING features ensures a relaxed, soothing atmosphere and healthy sleep.


The aroma humidifier produces microfine water atomization using ultrasound. This increases humidity and creates a healthy indoor climate. Depending on the essential oils used, the effective combination with therapeutic aroma oils is sleep-promoting, relaxing, energy-building or simply provides pleasant room perfuming.


Bad sleep is the No. 1 common disease. Special sleep disorders, combined with a healthy lifestyle and good sleep hygiene, can help significantly improve your quality of life and well-being. The specially developed light with 5 LEDs (2,000 Kelvin) promotes the body's own melatonin output and thus makes it easier to fall asleep. The lamp can be adjusted in three levels of brightness. The subtle, warm white shade is scientifically proven to promote sleep and also creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Item No. (REF):
Dimensions (L x W x H):
176 mm x 176 mm x 88 mm
430 g

You can download more information about product LumoScent here.

Humidifier by ultrasound
Soft sleep light with 2,000 K
Intensity and duration adjustable
Easy handling by sensor button
Rechargeable by LiPo battery
Mobility by USB-C standard
Eco-friendly packaging
All features controlled by microprocessor
Highest product quality with 2-year warranty
Energy-saving, gentle and absolutely safe
LumoScent rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light top view


The minimalistic design of the new LumoScent blends harmoniously and timelessly into modern living environments. Flexible to set up and use, it creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in all rooms. A high-quality mix of materials and quality components ensure low-maintenance, trouble-free operation and long usability.

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In addition to a comfortable temperature, the relative humidity of between 40% and 60% is also considered optimal for a pleasant living room climate. The combination of targeted ventilation (at > 60%) and dosed humidification with the AROMA HUMIDIFIER is therefore ideal for a pleasant sleeping environment. The ultrasonic water atomizer also binds dust and germs with microfine water mist.

LumoScent rechargeable aroma humidifier and sleep light in operation on the bedside table


The special warm white light color and the dosed luminosity have a calming effect and promote the body's own melatonin output. The task of melatonin is to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm. This is how the hormone makes you tired in the evening and ensures a restful night's sleep.

Rechargeable battery icon


The new LumoScent has an internal lithium battery and can therefore be used at bed even without a power supply. A standard USB Type-C® connection allows the integrated battery to be operated and recharged.

plants, herbs and oils


By optionally adding essential oils, you can either create a pleasantly scented environment in the living room or promote falling asleep with special, essential herbal extracts with well-known effectiveness. The scent stimulus is perceived via the sense of smell and processed neuronally.