Mini vacuum cleaner for hearing aids and hearables vac-clean uv 2®

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this letter, we would like to give you the new vac-clean-uv 2® introduce.

This innovative development of the extremely successful predecessor model based on customer feedback and the latest technologies is a real problem solver for cleaning hearing aids and hearables.


The new vac-clean uv 2® As a medical device in accordance with Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745, it is suitable for all hearing systems (BTE, ITE, RIC, Cochlear), all charging stations, all OTC hearables, all True Wireless Stereo (TWS), a variety of electronic products such as cell phones, remote controls and much more. These products suffer from adhering dirt and moisture. Failures are the result. Continuous cleaning and care can help.


  • Modern and ergonomic design for optimal handling
  • Strong vacuum suction over 60 kPa
  • 3 adjustable suction levels
  • 7 different attachment heads for a wide range of applications
  • 1,100 mAh battery for wireless use over several weeks
  • Rechargeable via USB-C interface
  • Sensor button
  • Improved mudflap
  • High-quality travel bag as packaging

The new vac-clean uv 2® will be available from mid-March 2024 and will replace the previous vac-clean uv® model that has already sold out.

Your flow-med team

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