The Turbo for hearing aid care

The Turbo for hearing aid care

The Turbo for hearing aid care

The Turbo for hearing aid care

The new dry-turbo cd® from flow-med GmbH represents an innovation in hearing aid care.

The new care strategy consistently arranges the sequence of the cleaning steps (pre-cleaning – drying – hygiene). This starts with the mechanical pre-cleaning of the hearing aids with wet wipes or cleaning spray on the Hygiene-Pad®, continues with perfect drying through the dry-turbo cd®, which is simply placed over the Hygiene-Pad® and ends with the integrated blue light hygiene.

This sounds complicated, elaborate and expensive. But the opposite is the case. Just one device, just press one button and the care runs automatically. Plus, a top design and everything at a very affordable price.

Thus, the new development dry-turbo cd® offers the hearing care professional convincing highlights already in the entry-level hearing aid class:

  • Turbo-fast and gentle drying with high-performance fan in just 30 minutes
  • No thermal stress on hearing aids and batteries / rechargeable batteries
  • Hygiene-Pad® as a base for mechanical pre-cleaning of the hearing aids
  • Health-improving blue light (450 nanometers) for more hygiene
  • Maximum product safety and no need for chemicals (salt tablets)
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective


flow-med emphasizes: “Care of the hearing aid is important for the function of the hearing aid and of course for the satisfaction of the customer! No hearing aid should end up unused in the drawer. And that’s why care must not be allowed to “fail” because of the purse.

The new patented dry-turbo cd® is ecological (low energy consumption, no chemicals) and economical (design, functionality and low purchase price) – pioneering in hearing aid care.

The new dry-turbo cd® will be available at hearing care retailers from the beginning of August 2019.

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