Hygiene-Station für Fachgeschäfte und Institute: dry-cap pro®

Hygiene station for professionals and institutes
dry-cap pro®

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Two modes
for professional applications

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The patented dry-cap pro® as a hygiene station for professionals and institutes enables drying, hygienic cleansing and charging of rechargeable hearing aids simultaneously at only one power socket in the shortest possible time. As a result, hygiene can be integrated into daily work processes in a simple, time-saving and cost-effective manner.

The high quality standard in the shop not only includes advice, adaptation and technology, but also hygiene management at the highest level.

The hygiene station for professionals and institutes dry-cap pro® meets this requirement.

But the professional service at the front desk in front of the customer’s eyes also offers the opportunity to present the use of dry-cap uv® for drying and care of the hearing aids at home, especially since there is a great variety of applications and high customer benefit here.

Fast drying
by efficient
air flow blower
Easy handling
by tactile
after 30 min
Energy efficient,
gentle and
absolutely safe
Hygienic cleansing
by UV-C light
for your health
Drying, cleansing
and charging by
Dual-USB power supply
All features
controlled by
Gravity sensor
for safety
Highest product
quality with
2 year warranty


Hearing aids professionals and institutes are characterized by customer friendly front desk, expert advice and technically experienced service. Daily customer contact and customer service with eyeglasses or hearing aids also involve hygiene risks for customers and employees. Therefore, good hygiene management and controlled work-flows are essential to avoid health risks.

The professional hygiene station dry-cap pro® is an effective infection barrier for receiving, servicing and dispensing goods. With the fast drying and charging of rechargeable hearing aids parallel to hygiene, dry-cap pro® is indispensable for service. The high-quality technology of the dry-cap pro®, designed for continuous operation, is an effective and useful tool for professionals and institutes.

dry-cap pro® - Perfekte Hygiene für Kunden, Mitarbeiter und Produkte
dry-cap pro® - Zwei Modi für perfekte Hygiene und schnelle Trocknung
dry-cap uv® - Dry&Clean Modus (30 min)


The Dry&Clean mode is an automatic program and combines fast drying by an efficient air blower with UV-C light at the beginning and end of the drying time for perfect hygiene.

dry-cap uv® - Clean Modus (1 min)

CLEAN MODE (1 min)

The Clean mode is a short-term hygiene program and starts the optimized UV-C light, which effectively eliminates up to 99.9 % of germs, bacteria and fungi in the household.


Ultraviolet rays form part of the natural sunlight spectrum. In the wavelength range of 253.7 nm (nanometers) they have a germicidal effect on germs, bacteria and fungi. The UV-C disinfection of the air and surfaces effectively inactivates the microorganisms.

Germs, bacteria and fungi are appearing more and more frequently and represent a considerable health risk. Moisture and body secretions are a good breeding ground for bacteria to settle and multiply. Hygienic cleaning with UV-C light prevents irritation and the risk of infection in the ear. The fitting and acclimatisation of the hearing aid is uncomplicated. Clinical cleanliness is the best guarantee for maintaining health.

Daily use in combination with drying also provides maximum protection and value retention for the hearing aids. The risk of failure decreases, repair costs can be reduced, life expectancy and usability of the hearing aids increase. An effective u-shaped quality UV-C tube ensures fast and efficient hygiene with dry-cap pro®.

dry-cap pro® - UV-C Technologie für materialschonende Hygiene
dry-cap pro® - Hygiene-Management im Fachgeschäft


Professional hygiene management is an important part of quality assurance and customer service.

Professional hygiene at work is not only a requirement for customer service, but also an important component of the legally regulated occupational health and safety and thus a protection of employees. The trade associations, the factory inspectorate and the health authorities are responsible for monitoring occupational safety and hygiene at work.

The owner of the company is responsible for compliance with the quality and hygiene standards. A hygiene plan should contain documented measures and procedures to protect customers and employees from infection risks and should be practiced continuously in the daily work-flow.

In the optical and hearing care store, eyeglasses or hearing aids contaminated with bacteria, fungi or other germs are handled on a daily basis.

In addition to cleanliness and hygiene at the customer’s counter and the employees, dry-cap pro® with the hygiene pad in clean mode is a professional hygiene station and an effective infection barrier in the shop.

It works automatically, fast and can be perfectly integrated into the service process. The dry-cap pro® organizes hygiene when the hearing aids are received at the entrance and returned to the customer.

dry-cap pro® - Mehrfachnutzen 1


With the new dry-cap pro®, a large number of other products can be quickly dried and hygienically cleansed in addition to all hearing aids.

Here are a few examples from the hearing aid store:

  • Ear pieces
  • In-Ear monitors
  • Hearing protection
  • Batteries
  • Etuis
  • Small accessories
  • Small tools

But also devices used in shops in the fields of audiometry, otoscopy: e.g. ear funnel, keyboard, PC mouse, remote control and much more.

dry-cap pro® - Mehrfachnutzen 2


Here you can download more information about the hygiene station for professionals and institutes dry-cap pro®.