Top ultrasonic cleaner for hearing aid care in the next generation

Top ultrasonic cleaner u-sonic 2

We are pleased to present you the new u-sonic 2 to you.

As a medical device perfect for earmolds

The new u-sonic 2 is a medical device and meets the high requirements for medical devices (Class I) of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745. The u-sonic 2 can also be operated with cleaning additives for disinfection .

Deep cleansing and germ-free hygiene

For earmolds and hearing protection, germ-free, deep cleaning is important for daily use, personal hygiene and value retention. The new u-sonic 2 is a valuable helper and offers optimal cleansing.

Powerful ultrasound at 40 kHz ensures hygienic cleanliness even with clear water. For intensive cleaning, the addition of a small amount of cleaning concentrate is recommended.

The added value of the u-sonic 2 extends to the cleaning of small parts used in the household, such as jewellery, coins, razors, infant teats, teats as well as prosthetic aids, such as earplugs, earbud-tips, braces and much more. Please make sure that the products are ultrasonic cleanable.

New compared to the previous product

A new ultrasonic generator with high power, allows 20% more cleaning cycles. The 12V extra-low voltage via an external power supply increases electrical safety. In the benchmark, the new u-sonic 2 standards. It is powerful, small, light, practical and safe.

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  • Francis Laughlin
    June 15, 2022 2:41 pm

    I have purchased Oticon Zircon 2 hearing-aids. Can the u-sonic 2 ultra sonically clean the standard earpiece(dome and Grip Tip) of ear wax? The Grip Tip is the Prowax miniFit filter and the Dome is Bass dome, double vent! If the answer is YES I may purchase the U-Sonic 2.

    • Dear Francis Laughlin, thank you very much for your request. We as flow-med are specialized in electronic cleaning products for hearing aids and more. Therefore we are not aware of each individual hearing aid that is on the market today. We kindly ask you to consult your hearing care professional with this question. If your audiologist approve the cleaning of your hearing aid earpiece in an ultrasonic cleaner you can use our new u-sonic 2. It has a 5-time higher efficiency due to the small volume and delivers therefore much better cleaning results compared to larger standard ultrasonic cleaners.


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