The new USB Power Set

We are pleased to introduce the new USB Power Set.

In accordance with our vision, we have incorporated the latest technical, legal standards and customer opinions into the development.


The amendment to EU Directive 2014/53/EU on the harmonization of USB power supplies and the single USB Type-C®connector for all electronic devices up to 60 watts will be made mandatory by 2024. This should reduce the multitude of different power supplies and cables and avoid electrical waste. Rechargeable devices should be delivered without a power supply unit. Many hearing aid manufacturers are already adapting their systems to the new regulation.

flow-med has also already converted most of its devices to USB Type-C®.


Nevertheless, operation, charging, drying and hygiene does not go completely without power and USB power supply. Older people sometimes do not have USB power supplies at home. Or people with disabilities find it difficult to use USB plugs. Here it is helpful to also keep battery devices permanently connected to the USB cable and USB power adapter.

Unfortunately, there is a large number of often inferior power supplies and cables on the market. The designations are sometimes confusing.

A standard set consisting of power supply and cable in a saleable package is required in the specialty store, customers attest.


That is why flow-med has launched a universal USB Power Set. It consists of a 10 watt dual USB power adapter and a 1 meter USB-A to USB-C cable. The quality power supply has all certificates and 4 protection systems. The set is safe, very high quality, energy efficient (Class VI) and WEEE recyclable.

It is suitable for all hearing aid charging stations, accessories and care products, but also for cell phone, tablet and much more. Thus, the hearing aid charging station and the fan dryer can be operated simultaneously, in parallel, at one socket.

Our suggestion: Ask your customers if you already have a suitable USB power supply? If not, you and your customers are well equipped for all eventualities with our new USB Power Set.

The new USB Power Set will be available as an accessory from January 2023.

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