The new mini vacuum cleaner for hearing aid care

The new vac-clean uv®

In this article, we would like to introduce you to a world first for hearing aid care.

Hearing aid maintenance in the past

Previously, hearing aid cleaning consisted of damp wiping of hearing aid housings using a wet wipe or cleaning spray, then drying in an electric drying box with UV-C light for hygiene. The danger here is that dirt and viscous cerumen will get even deeper into the openings of the hearing aids (microphones, RIC external receivers, vents) if wiped improperly.

The new cleaning steps

The new cleaning method uses the perfect fan drying of the dry-turbo cd 2® and dry-cap uv® product family. Only this intensive drying allows the reversal of the sequence of maintenance work steps and reduces them to a minimum.
The handy design of the new vac-clean uv® fits comfortably in the hand. When switched on, it sets the brush attachment nozzle into sonic vibration and generates a strong vacuum suction power of over 60kPa. Best condition for efficient hearing aid cleaning.
The client takes the hearing aid in one hand and moves the vac-clean uv® evenly over the hearing aid housing with the other hand. The vibrations of the brush attachment nozzle and the suction power loosen the previously pulverized cerumen and dirt residues from the hearing aid and suck them up at the same time. When brushing, special care should be taken with the microphone and handset openings, buttons, vents and domes.

The brush attachment nozzle can be easily removed and replaced with the RIC attachment nozzle, which is also included. The small suction cup can be used to perfectly clean RIC earpieces with domes or earpieces as well as in-the-ear hearing aids.
The slim tube attachment nozzle is available especially for hearing aid filters, vent holes and the smallest openings.
The new vac-clean uv® has a LiPo battery on board, charged it performs perfect cleaning for about 1 month.
The 5 blue LEDs 450nm not only illuminate, but also have an antimicrobial effect.


The new development of the Sonic mini vacuum cleaner vac-clean uv® is an absolute world first in hearing aid care. The device is small, lightweight and highly efficient. It facilitates daily care (cleaning and hygiene) and, together with fan drying, is essential for the hearing aids to function properly.
A simple and practical approach to care that is easy to perform even for older hearing impaired people.
Only clean hearing aids function perfectly and bring the desired hearing pleasure. By avoiding failures, the customer is saved a lot of trouble and costs.

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