The new DRY-SPACE UV for CI and BAHA


Cochlear implant users depend on the functioning of their device every day. This is due to the complexity of the system and the interaction of the audio processor, earpiece, transmitter coil and the implant itself. Therefore, constant usability and readiness for use are particularly important to affected patients. With daily use, the power supply (battery / accumulator) and maintenance is an absolute necessity. While the processor sounds an alarm when battery power is depleted, the need for maintenance is not as easily determined. Often only too late due to equipment failure and repair. Moisture, body secretions and cerumen can severely impair the function of hearing implants and cause failures.

In addition to humidity, the hygienic conditions at the wearing site behind the ear and especially the coupling point between the transmitter and receiver coils are particularly important. Bacteria and fungi can cause skin irritation or inflammation. Implant manufacturers, clinics, ear specialists and hearing aid acousticians therefore strongly advise daily care and hygiene. This care can only be provided overnight when the hearing implant is not in use. The effectiveness of the care depends largely on the know-how of the care box. The quality of the drying process, the effectiveness of the UV-C hygiene, the simplicity of operation (automatic) and the safety for implant and user are decisive.

The DRY-SPACE UV from flow-med sets completely new standards here. In cooperation with hearing implant specialists, a new care box has been developed that is specially designed for the needs of cochlear implants and partially implanted bone conduction devices (BAHA). The DRY-SPACE UV is characterised by the following highlights:

  • Attractive slim design with large interior for 2 systems
  • Gentle convection drying at 45°C for 5 hours (without salt tabs)
  • Optimized UV-C hygiene (99.9%) in only 1 minute (gentle on implants)
  • Health-promoting blue light (against psoriasis)
  • Simple one-button automatic with processor-controlled program sequence
  • 5V USB universal power supply with world adapters mobile for all USB sources
  • Energy saving, highest product safety and quality

For users of cochlear implants and BAHA, the integration of the care box into the basic care package of the implant providers is advantageous and cost-saving. For this purpose we are in discussion with these companies. However, there will also be purchase opportunities for patients already fitted with hearing aids via hearing care professionals and clinics. We attach great importance to good quality advice and service.

The DRY-SPACE UV will be available from specialist retailers from March 2018.

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