Only the best hygiene for your child

New dry-cap uv® teat

Dangerous germs (bacteria and fungi) lurk everywhere, even in the home. While adults have developed a body’s own defense system, young children and infants are particularly at risk. They touch everything, put a lot of things in their mouths and are often affected by germs.
For careful parents, the dry-cap uv® is helpful for daily hygiene. Examples of increased germ exposure are teats, nipples and children’s small toys. Adhering dirt must of course be washed off beforehand as usual. Often this is already called “clean” – far from it, the germs survive!

For the past year, the share of rechargeable hearing instruments has been on the rise. Thanks to the latest battery technology, it saves the user from having to constantly change batteries. However, there is a catch. Since charging with a charger takes many hours and is only possible outside of use, the hearing aids must be charged continuously overnight.

Whether it’s a teat, nipple, rattle, teething ring or cuddle cloth, in just one minute all germs are reduced by 99.9% thanks to UV-C light and are therefore hygienically clean! The dry-cap uv® in Clean mode is the guarantor for your perfect hygiene in the household. Simple, fast, safe and energy-saving versatile use for hygiene and drying.

Another area of application is kitchen washing-up utensils. The medical journal has warned of “germ-ridden kitchen sponges”. With the dry-cap uv® from both sides one application Dry&Clean mode each over 30 min. and the germ reduction is perfect.

Other household applications include remote controls, cell phones, jewelry, razors, toothbrushes, hearing aids, third teeth and much more.

The patented dry-cap uv® is the first choice for hygiene!

The dry-cap uv® has been available from hearing care retailers since September.

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