Music edition for professional music lovers

New dry-care uv - Music edition

The Dry Care UV – Music edition is aimed with design and marketing at the younger target group of professionals from the music industry from studio to stage. More and more young music enthusiasts describe themselves as audiophiles, use high fidelity equipment and attach importance to the highest sound quality. They use high-quality listening equipment and in-ear monitors (IEM). These often exceed the price of the 1000€ mark significantly. Long-time users know that moisture damage is a major cause of failure for IEM’s and means expensive repairs or new purchases.

Perfect drying and UV-C hygiene can be effective remedies. Gentle drying at 50°C for 4 hours significantly extends the service life of the IEMs. A drying and hygiene programme runs automatically and processor-controlled, which also takes into account the room temperature at the installation site and manages numerous safety components. When finished, the device goes into standby.

Ultraviolet light (UV-C) effectively reduces germs and bacteria by 99.9%. This clinical cleanliness prevents ear infection risks and protects both the monitor and health. By the way, the IEMs should be dried as soon as possible – preferably immediately after use.

The high-tech drying station is optimally designed for the intended use, mobile (5V-USB) for travelling and very robust also for the stage. The 5V USB connection can thus also be used in the hotel, in the car, on PC, TV or audio devices.

Also handy is the black hardcover case. The application range of the dry and care station extends to In-Ear-Monitor (IEM), professional earphones, broadcast, Bluetooth Headset, Electronic Hearprotect, hearing protection and much more.

Competent salesmen will advise the professional with the purchase of the IEM`s also to the care and recommend him the Dry Care UV – Music edition. The outfit tailor-made for this target group. Music specialist shop, hearing acoustician and music professional are together masters of their trade and so the advice and the supply of individually tailored IEM’s, accessories and not to forget, also the service, are well settled here.

The new development of flow-med facilitates the care of in-ear monitors considerably. And that makes it a useful helper especially for music enthusiasts.

The Dry Care UV – Music edition will be available from specialist retailers from May 2016.

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