Modern hearing aid care in 3 steps

Modern hearing aid care in 3 steps

In this article, we would like to introduce you to a strong team in hearing aid care.

Step 1: Fan drying

The new drying cap for all hearing aids dry-cap uv 3.1® with USB Type-C standard offers one of the most efficient and gentle drying methods. Drying with a strong air flow is generated by a high-power fan. In the process, the hearing aids circulate about 5 cubic meters of air per hour.

This turbo-drying in combination with effective UV-C light (253.7 nm) ensure perfectly dried and hygienically cleaned hearing aids.

Extensive studies among leading hearing care professionals have shown that adhering cerumen and dirt become dust-dry in the process. This is the optimum prerequisite for the second cleaning step.

Step 2: Vacuum off dirt and cerumen

The handy design of the new mini vacuum cleaner for hearing aids vac-clean uv® fits comfortably in the hand. Switched on, the brush attachment nozzle is set into sonic vibration and generates a strong vacuum suction power of over 60kPa. Best Perfect for efficient hearing aid cleaning.

The client takes the hearing aid in one hand and moves the vac-clean uv® evenly over the hearing aid housing with the other hand. The vibrations of the brush attachment nozzle and the suction power loosen the previously pulverized cerumen and dirt residues from the hearing aid and suck them up at the same time.

Two additional attachment nozzles allow suction on RIC earpieces with domes, earpieces, hearing aid filters, vent holes and microphone openings.

Step 3: Wipe

Finally, we recommend wiping the hearing aids with a special wet wipe. In the process, the surface of the hearing aids is finally cleaned.
This simple and practical three-step care approach should be performed daily, because only dry and clean hearing aids function perfectly and preserve the joy of hearing.

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