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New dry-care uv - Kids edition

Pediatric hearing care professionals who fit children’s fittings want to meet the high demands of juniors in the best possible way. Filigree high-quality hearing systems, the robustness of children’s play with a lot of action as well as the growth process of children’s ears demand a lot of professional competence. The aim is to convey to children and young people the joy of new hearing in order to achieve a high level of acceptance.

The dry-care uv – Kids edition is the ideal accessory for children’s restorations. The individual adaptation to the target group (boys / girls), the easy operability, the high safety and the robustness fulfil the wishes of all juniors. The appealing design suitable for young people and the personal individualisation via 3D stickers also promote acceptance.

When the youngsters put their colourful hearing system in their “treasure box” care box “to sleep” in the evening, then pleasure and benefit are optimally fulfilled. And the kids can already look forward to the new listening experiences of tomorrow. To make sure that flow-med hits the nerve of the target group, we have actively involved the children and grandchildren in the development.

The dry-care uv – Kids edition will be available from specialist retailers from June 2016.

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