Help for children in Uganda 2018

New help for children in Uganda

Children in the bush of Uganda rarely get to see luxury goods, often cannot afford schooling and even the doctor lives more than a day’s walk away. Over half of the people who live here cannot read or write.

The goal was and is to enable the children to attend school, to build new school buildings, teachers’ apartments, toilets, kitchen, well,… in order to create a perspective for life!

Following the successful commissioning of the new 4-storey school building and the resulting increase in the number of pupils, there is now an urgent need to extend the bed houses. Initial plans and cost estimates are already under discussion. However, the start of construction depends on financing, which has not yet been secured. To this end, the association has submitted an application to the Federal Ministry.

We at flow-med are also helping the association again this year with a generous donation.

You can find more information about the association here.

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