Good hearing thanks to clean ear molds

New u-sonic

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are usually connected to the ear canal with a custom earpiece (also called an ear mold). This is how the auditory sound reaches the eardrum of the hearing impaired person. RIC (receiver in channel) hearing aids have also been fitted for a few years now. Here, the outer earphone sits directly in the ear canal. In both versions, an individual earpiece ensures a secure fit, good wearing comfort and the necessary acoustic adaptation.
But this earpiece is exposed to cerumen in the ear canal, which clogs the small channels. Then you hear worse or not at all.

Thorough cleaning of the earpiece is therefore necessary on a daily basis.
The u-sonic, a small ultrasonic cleaner, is designed to do just that.
It offers optimal cleaning. Powerful ultrasound with 46kHz ensures hygienic cleanliness even with clear water. For intensive cleaning, the addition of some cleaning concentrate is recommended.
The u-sonic is suitable for cleaning ear molds, mini tubes, umbrellas, hearing protection, but also small dentures, braces, jewellery, coins and many other ultrasonic cleanable small parts.

The cap of the u-sonic has a marking and so it can be used to fill the exact amount of water. After the water, insert the objects to be cleaned and close the cap. Touch the sensor button and an automatic cleaning program starts for 6 minutes.
In the 100 ml stainless steel pot, the ultrasonic transducer (25 Watt, approx. 50°C / 122°F and 46kHz) develops about 7 times the cleaning effect of standard household cleaners.
This is the only way to remove dirt and cerumen from even the finest openings.
Germs and bacteria are also effectively reduced. This clinical cleanliness prevents ear infection risks and protects health.

When cleaning is complete, the unit goes into standby. Remove the ear pieces, rinse well and blow dry. Also pour out the old water.

The new development of flow-med facilitates the care of the ear molds considerably. With the additional benefit for further applications, it is a useful helper especially for older people.

The u-sonic is only available from hearing care professionals.

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