Good hearing requires good care

New dry-star uv 2

Those who already wear hearing aids and have become accustomed to the new hearing and better understanding, welcome the advantages of the new small hearing aids, but also realize that regular care is necessary to keep the devices functioning properly. Often this is a nuisance or can only be done inadequately by older users.

But it is the moisture and cerumen that can damage hearing instruments, cause failures and result in expensive repairs. This dulls the pleasure of the hearing aid.

But this does not have to be, because there is an effective remedy, which offers very easy help especially for older hearing impaired people.

This is the new drying box for hearing aids dry-star uv 2 from flow-med.

Their design and development has been tailored by experts precisely to the target group of 60+ and makes hearing aid care simple and child’s play.

In the evening, wipe the hearing aids with wet wipes, place them in the recess of the dry-star uv 2 and close the flap. Touch the sensor button and an automatic care program starts and does the care overnight.

Gentle drying at 50°C (122°F) for 4 hours significantly extends the service life.

Ultraviolet light (UV-C) effectively reduces germs and bacteria by 99.9%. This clinical cleanliness prevents ear infection risks and protects both the hearing instrument and health.

A drying and hygiene program runs automatically and processor-controlled, which even takes into account the room temperature at the installation site and manages numerous safety components.

When maintenance is complete, the unit goes into standby. And early in the morning, the hearing aids can be removed dry and hygienically cleaned.

The energy concept is extremely economical. If the device is used daily and is never disconnected from the power outlet, it consumes only about 1€ in electricity costs per year.

The dry-star uv 2 can be used at home or mobile when travelling. Because the 5V USB connection can also be used in the hotel, in the car, on PC, TV or audio devices.

The practical silver hardcover case is also well suited for travelling.

The new development from flow-med makes the care of the hearing aids considerably easier. And this makes it a useful helper, especially for older people.

From January 2016, the dry-star uv 2 dry box for hearing aids will be available from hearing care professionals.

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