For chronograph and smartwatch the best care

New dry-cap uv® watch

Dangerous germs (bacteria and fungi) are transmitted through body contact. Even your valuable watch will not be spared. Added to this is the moisture caused by perspiration or dampness. If you want to enjoy your valuable objects for a long time, continuous care is indispensable. Adhering dirt must of course be removed beforehand, as recommended by the manufacturer.

The new dry-cap uv® offers you the ideal care. Your valuable objects are cared for effectively, automatically, simply, quickly, safely and energy-efficiently.

With the Dry&Clean mode over 30 min. the chronograph and smartwatch are both dried and hygienically cleaned. Thanks to UV-C light, all germs are reduced by 99.9% and your jewellery is thus hygienically clean! This also applies to the bracelet, especially the leather bracelet.

Professionals and experts therefore swear by the new dry-cap uv® for drying and hygiene. It embodies cleanliness and value preservation at the highest level.

Other applications include electronic items, such as Bluetooth earphones. Remote control, mobile phone, hearing aids, car keys but also jewellery, razors, toothbrushes, the third teeth and much more.

The patented dry-cap uv® is the first choice for hygiene!

The dry-cap uv® has been available from hearing care retailers since September.

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