Drying and hygiene for all rechargeable hearing instruments

New dry-cap uv 2®

flow-med GmbH produces a whole range of drying and hygiene stations for hearing systems and hearables.

The share of rechargeable hearing systems is continuously increasing, as is the manufacturer-related variety. Thanks to the latest lithium battery technology, it saves the user from having to constantly change batteries. Charging with a charger takes several hours and is only possible overnight outside of hearing instrument use.

Moisture, body secretions and cerumen can severely impair the function of all hearing instruments and cause expensive failures. Only optimal care with drying and hygiene can maintain the function and value of the equipment. UV-C hygiene is also important for hearing aid users to avoid health risks, as bacteria and fungi can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

Hearing aid manufacturers, ear specialists and audiologists therefore strongly advise daily care and hygiene.

Optimal care is achieved with the innovative care box from flow-med. The quality of the drying process, the effectiveness of the UV-C hygiene, the simplicity of operation (automatic) and the safety for the hearing system, charger and user are decisive.

The new dry-cap uv2® from flow-med sets completely new standards here. In collaboration with hearing instrument charging specialists, this larger care box has been developed to universally fit the many new charging systems from the world’s largest hearing instrument manufacturers.

As a development specialist for care products flow-med is in close contact with hearing care professionals and observes the international market development. Thus, shortly after the announcement of new company-specific charging systems, the universally suitable dry-cap uv2® was introduced to the market. The symbiosis of drying, hygiene and charging simultaneously under one hood at one socket is a patented invention.

The innovative care box has two programs. In the Dry&Clean mode program, rapid drying takes place automatically in 2 hours by means of a fan. The UV-C hygiene over 2 min. takes place at the beginning and at the end of the drying time, so that all germs, bacteria and fungi are reduced by 99.9%. Program Clean mode is designed for quick hygiene. In only 2 minutes, 99.9% sterility is guaranteed by means of UV-C light. This program opens the user numerous hygiene applications also in the household like e.g. for toothbrushes, razors, dental prostheses, small toys, suckers and teats for babies, clocks, jewellery, coins, kitchen sponge, in addition, to the hygiene for electronic applications, like mobile phone (with simultaneous load), telephone, keyboard, PC mouse, remote control, earphones and headset.

The new dry-cap uv 2® is characterized by the following highlights:

  • Attractive design with large interior space for all rechargeable hearing instruments
  • Gentle quick drying with a whisper-quiet fan
  • Optimized UV-C hygiene (99.9%) in only 2 minutes (gentle on material)
  • Health-promoting blue light (against psoriasis, acne, herpes)
  • Simple push-button automation with processor-controlled program sequence
  • 5V USB power supply with dual port mobile for all USB sources
  • Energy saving, highest product safety and quality

The care box for all rechargeable hearing systems is also a practical helper in the household.

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