dry-cap uv® – Hygiene for Hearables

New dry-cap uv® headphones

Hearables or smart headphones are triumphant worldwide.
They are hip and sexy – because they have great benefits, they are attractive to the young & young at heart, and they have no stigma.

Earphones have evolved into multivalent mobile communication talents. The range of applications extends far beyond listening to music and making mobile phone calls. With Bluetooth wireless connection to all devices is possible. The headphones are convincing in the room sound image and can compensate for ambient noise (noise cancelling). The microphones not only pick up speech, but also commands (Siri voice control, Echo…) as well as movement and gestures. On-board sensors capture biometric data (fitness trackers). The processors (dual-core CPU) are networked and transmit real-time information services, route planner, weather forecast, web search and personal network activities.

The hearables have become smaller, can be worn comfortably in the ear and the runtime (battery operation) has also improved.

And the Hearables will also find their way into hearing acoustics. For seniors, they can be a hearing aid, health guardian, and all-around communicator.

EHIMA has already done studies on this since 2013. The Australian manufacturer Nuheara presented the IQbuds with the NAL algorithms for hearing adaptation. Nuheara, Apple, Bragi, Boose, Vinci, Sony, LG, Jabra, Motorola and many more will consistently lead the way to wearable computing, i.e. hearables for the ears and smart glasses for the eyes.

In the daily use of the Hearables the same problems stand as with hearing systems: Humidity + cerumen + charging to reconcile. Tests have shown that dry-cap uv® is also the suitable product for care in this case. If you could dispose of earphones when they fail, the life expectancy on hearables costing between 200€ and 500€ is much higher. Optimal care with drying and hygiene parallel to the loading cycle are important for maintaining the value of the hearables and the health of the user.

The dry-cap uv® has been available from hearing care retailers since September.

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