dry-cap uv 3® well explained at Hörforum Wied

dry-cap uv 3® well explained at Hörforum Wied

For all hearing aids, the new dry-cap uv 3® offers a perfect symbiosis of charging, drying and hygiene with the touch of a button, fully automatically overnight.

As the expert from Hörforum Wied explains in the video, this is now possible. Using an example with hearing aids and charging station, the new dry-cap uv 3® shines with its ease of use and optimal care.

It is universally suitable for all rechargeable hearing aids with their charging stations. But there is also room for all battery-operated hearing aids in the opened manufacturer’s case.

Mobile use with rechargeable lithium battery and universal use in the household thanks to the hygiene program make the new dry-cap uv 3® a highlight in hearing aids care.


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