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We founded the company flow-med GmbH in 2010 with the vision to offer innovative products for the medical care market. Targeted market analysis, extensive industry and design experience were the prerequisites for the development of high-tech care products.

Our aim is to provide optimum product care and hygiene by means of easy-to-use electronic “care assistants” and thus to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.



flow-med team

Meiko Panitzsch

Over 15 years international experience in 3D design and development, including 5 years in Virtual Reality, 4 years international business consultant at IBM, experience in audiology, hearing aid accessories, international sales, product marketing, 3D high-end visualization and Virtual Reality.

Frank Panitzsch

Over 25 years of experience in the hearing aid industry, co-founder of a hearing aid and earmould company in Germany, good contacts in China, years of experience in development, production, marketing and sales, implemented sensor, UV-C and USB technology in electronic care products for hearing aids.


After a successful career in 3D design and virtual reality in Europe and the USA, Meiko Panitzsch had the idea to found his own company.

His founding concept was based on the design, development, production and worldwide distribution of medical accessories for the healthcare industry.
In October 2010 Meiko Panitzsch officially founded the company flow-med GmbH and entered it in the commercial register.

Still at the end of 2010, the first ideas were born for electronic care products with innovative design and high-tech functionality.

At the same time, the first talks on production possibilities in Hong Kong and Shenzhen began.

History flow-med
History dry-star uv

First products

Thus, at the beginning of 2011, the first three design devices for different requirements and functions were transferred. The dry-go, a basic device for drying hearing aids and with the dry-sun uv and the dry-star uv comfort devices for drying and hygiene.

Tooling and production started in the first quarter of 2011.

In June 2011 Frank Panitzsch joined flow-med and strengthened the company with his professional experience and industry knowledge.

The marketing and sales offensive also started with the first sample deliveries to newly acquired customers in Germany, France and Switzerland.

In the following years, the customer base was greatly expanded and the sales structure was built up via a dealer network.

With the u-sonic, the first ultrasonic cleaner for earpieces was developed.
Further development steps were the customer-specific private labels, which helped flow-med to achieve a close customer relationship.

Product update

Through intensive market observation and customer discussions, ideas matured to further qualify our product line.

5V USB technology, new processors and sensors paired with a modern design gave the product line a new look and market presence.

Pioneering improvements in product safety, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency are also reflected in all revised products.

The dealer and customer structure continued to grow and are part of our successful growth.

We have even developed care products for large hearing aid manufacturers, such as the dry-go uv.

Portfolio dry-go uv
Portfolio dry-cap uv®


Increasing worldwide globalization in the hearing aid industry and growing purchasing pools were also a challenge for us as a family business to act independently.

New product innovations such as dry-cap uv® with patented unique selling propositions enabled us to maintain our market position despite increased price pressure.

For example, we have successfully placed the special development for cochlear implants DRY-SPACE UV on the market.

With Tigers International Logistics we use worldwide logistics and work with duty free warehouses on several continents.

New innovation

In 2020 flow-med GmbH moved into its new domicile in Aichwald.

The new rechargeable hearing aids inspired us to develop an attractive care product for the symbiosis of shop-drying-hygiene as well. The patented dry-cap uv 2® founded a new era.

We have taken account of the rapidly increasing variety of chargers on the market with the new development dry-cap uv 3®. This design product makes us the global market leader in this sector.

Our products are distinguished by design, quality and reliability. Existing customers know this and it gets around to new customers.

We already have the next two product innovations in development for 2021. Resting on success is not an issue for us.

In the meantime, we are receiving enquiries about products and sales partnerships all over the world.

Portfolio dry-cap uv 3®